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Day 148

Last year I was part of the Capture Music City book and DVD project. Photographers submitted Nashville area photos. Web voting allowed people to vote on what would be published in the book. Like here in my 365 blog I shot a lot of nature and animal photos. One thing I did not shoot was a Praying Mantis. There were several great photos of them on the project web site. I just never found any until after the submission deadline has passed.
A few days after the deadline there was a big one on the back of my truck. I’m leaving work and it is sitting on the back window. I figure it will fly off once I start the truck. Nope. That thing held on for twenty miles of interstate traffic. She was still there when I pulled into the driveway. She left as soon as I tried to get a good look at her.
Fast forward to today. I grab my camera and monopod see day 136. The walking stick was downstairs with a prop I was thinking of using with it at faire. I headed out to search for today’s subject. As I back up and see some thing on the garbage can. Small, green, insect, yes! Time for a Macro shot. I stop the truck. I walk over and find a small Praying Mantis.
I focus on him and he jumps. I look to see if I can find him. He’s on the lens. I pick him off set him back on the can. he runs up my arm. I set him back on the can. Four or five time he jumps on the camera. Finally I set him on the plants a few feet away. I finally got a photo of a Praying Mantis.