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Selected images are now available for purchase as prints, shirts, or mugs. If you see “Buy ThisImage” under a photo click. to order a 5×7, some greeting cards, or coffee mug. You could awake every morning to don’t Blink.
If there is an image you’d like a print of but it’s not listed as for sale, let me know.

I also have nature prints at Dot Photo

Yoda Archives continues.

I am still working on my Yoda Archives blog. I’ve expanded the theme a bit to include LEGO mini-figs and other action figures. I sell print off my site and on E-bay. Please drop by the blog and find me on Facebook.

A recent post on the blog.
Indiana Jones locates another rare antiquity.

Indiana Jones locates Han solo

Yoda Photo Project

For 2011 I’m doing a Yoda photo project. The Yoda Archives features Yoda in various adventures. This is not a 365 project. It will be a three a week project with new images posting on MWF. please drop by and give me some feedback.

update: where am I now?

the 2009 photo a day blog is long over. I have a couple more blog I’m working on now.
Ollure Fantasy Photography and my ren faire blog Renaissance Faire Pictorial. See these for facebook and Twitter links. or check the RSS feed here for my post at

I have a little photo project right now with my traveling Mantis. I may move the project here or just reblog it here I haven’t decided yet. Currently it is on my Fantasy Photography page. Ollure Fantasy Photography

Here Manny the Mantis is playing Lady Victoria’s Fiddle.
Mantis on the move Victoria's Fiddle
EDIT March of the Mantis Now has it’s own blog please enjoy.

day 366 one more for the road.

Couldn’t leave well enough alone. I had an itchy shutter finger an had to shoot today. It’s still in the 20s and the roads are still icy. I stayed in the house today. Hopefully I can test the new lens in a few days.


Day 365

The final pic for my 365 project. The snow settles making a winter wonderland. What will I do tomorrow when I don’t have to shoot?

I do not know.


Day 364

Next to Last pic or the project. This is my new lens. I tried to get some nice shots with it today but it was 17 today.


Day 363

My new lens came yesterday while I was at work. I wanted to test it but it’s cold and I didn’t want to risk it in the snow. So I shot this from my office. I need a new tripod my current one has been sturdy for a while and it really cant hold the extra weight.


Day 362


Day 361

This is the ice block from one of the dog bowls. I’ve been swapping them out, taking the frozen one inside and replacing it with fresh. The next few days it won’t get above freezing. So the daogsare in as much as possible. I’ve added fresh cedar shaving to their house.


Day 360

one last trip to the Japanese garden. Yes the stream was frozen over.