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Day 365

The final pic for my 365 project. The snow settles making a winter wonderland. What will I do tomorrow when I don’t have to shoot? I do not know.

Day 363

My new lens came yesterday while I was at work. I wanted to test it but it’s cold and I didn’t want to risk it in the snow. So I shot this from my office. I need a new tripod my current one has been sturdy for a while and it really cant hold the […]

Day 304

day 292

Day 256

It has rained to some degree for eight days in a row, It sprinkled right before I got home today. I had to capture the raindrop on this flower.

Day 243

Another short rain storm then a beautiful late summer sky. BuyThisImage!

Day 97

I was on the road for a couple days so the photos taken on fri and sat are not being posted till Sunday. We were at the Rivers and Spiries festival in Clarkville, TN. Here is the friday Night sunset in Clarksville. BuyThisImage! Saturday’s photo is a history lesson. Don’t worry it’s interesting. But I’m […]

Day 91

24 hrs after the tornado clear skies. Homes were destroyed a few blocks from here. God bless those who lost everything.

Day 77

It rained again today. After one of the showers ended, I thought great weather for a rainbow. So I went to a spot that had high elevation for a clear shot. It was spitting rain on and off. And lighting in the distance. I walked to some, arches to frame a shot. No rainbows but […]

Day 71

Another beautiful spring day. If this keeps up I’ll have to mow the lawn.