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Yoda Archives continues.

I am still working on my Yoda Archives blog. I’ve expanded the theme a bit to include LEGO mini-figs and other action figures. I sell print off my site and on E-bay. Please drop by the blog and find me on Facebook. A recent post on the blog. Indiana Jones locates another rare antiquity.

Day 327

I was running errands today and saw this tiny car. It’s on a rotating platform in front of a car wash.

Day 309

This is gas light antiques. After i took this pic. Kodachrome played on the radio. I was thinking about the implications of a song about film playing while I’m shooting digital. The song ended and the DJ said shooting with film is like working with gaslight.

day 306

Day 219

This is the wetlands center in Mufreesboro. Never knew it’s location till today when i was in the area and drove past. I turned around to get the pic. I’ll have to visit it when I have time.

Day 171

Chicago food in Nashville? Yep and boy is it Good. I had the Italian Beef and it’s spicy. Well worth the 10-15 minute wait. They also dog hot dogs, gyros, and deep dish pizza. They are on Nolensville rd just past Big lots and the Dairy Queen.

Day 138

We need some yarn for another fairy project today So we went to Bliss Yarns in Brentwood. They are a full service Yarn supplier. They also offer Knitting classes. Here our yarn purchase is being spun into a ball. Their mantle stacked with various colors of yarn. Bliss Yarns is located at 127 Franklin Road […]

Day 133

It’s the fourth and final weekend of the 2009 Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Todays picture is from the new Bellydance troupe, Rashaka. This is Tavi dancing with cymbals. Rashaka is based in Nashville and preforms locally. Rashaka And since today was the best weather we’ve had all season here’s a 2nd pic for today. from Porter […]

Day 124

Today we went to Murdock Mendelson to get some fixtures to display my prints. They sell store fixtures and displays. And have great customer service. We bought some racks and are ready for faire this weekend. I completely blanked and forgot to get a photo for support Nashville tag. So this is the traffic we […]

Day 112

Queen Elizabeth from the Tennessee Renaissance Festival which started today.