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Day 327

I was running errands today and saw this tiny car. It’s on a rotating platform in front of a car wash.

Day 309

This is gas light antiques. After i took this pic. Kodachrome played on the radio. I was thinking about the implications of a song about film playing while I’m shooting digital. The song ended and the DJ said shooting with film is like working with gaslight.

day 306

Day 187

The side of a BBQ place in town.

Day 173

This is a local car dealer, Carnival Kia. They have a Ferris wheel in their lot. It was lit up at sunset.

Day 171

Chicago food in Nashville? Yep and boy is it Good. I had the Italian Beef and it’s spicy. Well worth the 10-15 minute wait. They also dog hot dogs, gyros, and deep dish pizza. They are on Nolensville rd just past Big lots and the Dairy Queen.

Day 166

I renewed my tags today. i got there and there was no lines. They had three windows open a customer at each and one entering the line. She was at a window by the time I walked to the front of the line. This is in front of the tag renewal place. The sign says […]

Day 101

This is the SUCBA shop in Murfreesboro.They have a beautiful ocean mural on their wall.

Day 82

Nestled at the entrance of the Berry Hill boutique area is the Curious Heart Emporium. The brightly colored building will catch your eye. The lawn ornaments make you want to stop. They have an eclectic mix of knickknacks, lawn decor, and ornaments. They have faeries, brain teasers, and off beat toys like the pig catapult. […]

Day 78

Another local landmark. Johnson’s Hardware is located near the corner of Nolensville rd and Thompson lane. Support Nashville and shop here before you hit the big box stores.