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Day 327

I was running errands today and saw this tiny car. It’s on a rotating platform in front of a car wash.

day 306

Day 265

Overlooking Covington, KY the eve of the Fantasy Fest for the Doors of Mainstrasse. turn around and see Cincinatti, OH across the river. e

Day 258

I went to a garden show today. The dash was full of bottle tops. Whoever drives it must spend a lot of time in the truck.

Day 245

This car was in the Home depot parking lot. Very cool classic car. If they still made ’em like this they wouldn’t need a bailout.

Day 166

I renewed my tags today. i got there and there was no lines. They had three windows open a customer at each and one entering the line. She was at a window by the time I walked to the front of the line. This is in front of the tag renewal place. The sign says […]

Day 020

I decided to shoot some of the advertising for local businesses. These small businesses are part of Nashville’s character. This is the back of a city bus. I shot a few others today from the truck. But since they are stationary I can reshoot those later. This gave me an idea for a new tag, […]

Day 015

We picked up some shelves for the booth today. at the storage place there were several U-haul tucks. They all had those educational pieces on them. One from Delaware with a Horse shoe crab. Another from Saskatchewan with a moose. And in the middle was this one.