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Yoda Archives continues.

I am still working on my Yoda Archives blog. I’ve expanded the theme a bit to include LEGO mini-figs and other action figures. I sell print off my site and on E-bay. Please drop by the blog and find me on Facebook. A recent post on the blog. Indiana Jones locates another rare antiquity.

Day 333

Had a photoshoot today. Here’s one of the first images.

Day 316

Some LED lights for decoration. We gota few small strands last year. I’m looking for projects to use them.

Day 254

Day 239

Still playing with the new backdrop. Whiteout weekend continues with a gentle giant bust-up of Princess Leia. I need to reproduce this with a live model.

Day 238

WhiteOut Weekend continues. This is Storm of the X-men. The figure is from the Savage land story arc. Just another costume you might see at Dragon Con.

Day 237

Dragon Con is this weekend. It’s the big comic, fantasy, sci-fi convention in Atlanta. Since I can’t make it, I figured today’s photo would be Comic book inspired. This is the character Ghost in front of the new backdrop.

Day 235

Still playing with the white backdrop. This is a Wind chime motion spinner from the Tennessee Renaissance Fest. They are made of layers of concentric circles and they spin in the breeze.

Day 204

Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind. The first of the Sword of Truth books. This is an early edition. It’s so old that they list they next book’s title as Wizard’s Second Rule. THe title was changed to the Stone of Tears and the series become know as the Sword of Truth. There is a […]

Day 146

This is a pen gift set. The packaging was kind of cool and retro. It was in the box of pens from the desk we cleaned out last week.