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Day 288

The Alabama Renaissance Faire continues. This is one of the Belly dancers.

Day 266

This is the Fairy Queen of the Doors of Mainstasse’s Fantasy Festival. The festival celebrates the tiny fairy doors that are hidden throughout Mainstrasse. The fae decided to move to Mainsrasse so the residents, shop owners, and restaurant owners created fairy doors to welcome the fairies. Here is one of the many fairy doors. Visit […]

Day 265

Overlooking Covington, KY the eve of the Fantasy Fest for the Doors of Mainstrasse. turn around and see Cincinatti, OH across the river. e

Day 154

It’s June in Music City sometimes called Nashville. The event that was once called fan fair is downtown. It is a big celebration of country music. About a hour south of here is Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo is a four day music fest in Manchester. Which did I attend? Neither. I Went to Eminence, KY to see […]

Day 134

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival continues. On Memorial day weekend the festival hosts the Gath of Baal International Jousting Tournament. Sir Ian McFarland (in blue) jousts Sir Charles Howard. and since it’s final weekend here’s another bonus photo. This is Willow the faerie sniffing a pine cone.

Day 133

It’s the fourth and final weekend of the 2009 Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Todays picture is from the new Bellydance troupe, Rashaka. This is Tavi dancing with cymbals. Rashaka is based in Nashville and preforms locally. Rashaka And since today was the best weather we’ve had all season here’s a 2nd pic for today. from Porter […]

Day 120

It was a beautiful day at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. It was overcast but didn’t rain it never got to hot or muggy. Here is George Clifford is assisted with his armour by Squire Joseph.

Day 112

Queen Elizabeth from the Tennessee Renaissance Festival which started today.

Day 106

Dragon Days Ren faire Sunday Menagerie Music Menagerie consists of Jon & Lisa Butts. They have been performing at Renaissance Festivals & Medieval Faires since 1990. Each have carefully shaped characters; Master Jonathan Tone & Elizabeth Anonymous

Day 105

Dragons Day Renaissance Faire Day Saturday. Johnny Phoenix performed at the Dragon Days ren faire.Johnny Phoenix is the Danger comedian. He did several shows fire eating, bull whip tricks, and he escaped from a strait Jacket. On June 6&7 he will be at the Shakespeare And Friends in Rogersville, TN, And on June 13 he […]