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Day 360

one last trip to the Japanese garden. Yes the stream was frozen over.

Day 304

Day 276

A rainy early fall day at the garden.

Day 263

Day 256

It has rained to some degree for eight days in a row, It sprinkled right before I got home today. I had to capture the raindrop on this flower.

Day 219

This is the wetlands center in Mufreesboro. Never knew it’s location till today when i was in the area and drove past. I turned around to get the pic. I’ll have to visit it when I have time.

Day 213

Day 200

Another day, another fungus. I’ve seen a lot more mushrooms this year.

Day 199

It started raining around 9:30 or while I was trying to mow. Finally had to give up for the day. In between the rains. I caught this couple of mushrooms.

Day 196