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Day 330

The pipes were fixed this morning But some time we had a visitor track through the mud in the driveway. There’s a lot of mud on the driveway but I can wash iy off yet.It still around freezing and I don’t want ice on the driveway.

Day 219

This is the wetlands center in Mufreesboro. Never knew it’s location till today when i was in the area and drove past. I turned around to get the pic. I’ll have to visit it when I have time.

Day 199

It started raining around 9:30 or while I was trying to mow. Finally had to give up for the day. In between the rains. I caught this couple of mushrooms.

Day 190

He’s back. My little friend from Day 148 is still in the garden. He’s a lot bigger now. They grow up so fast. The temps were in the 70’s today. Normal July is high 80s and 90s. We were doing yard work and there he was. I puta grasshoper near by but it got away. […]

Day 148

Last year I was part of the Capture Music City book and DVD project. Photographers submitted Nashville area photos. Web voting allowed people to vote on what would be published in the book. Like here in my 365 blog I shot a lot of nature and animal photos. One thing I did not shoot was […]

Day 75

It rained yesterday and the wing was strong at times. This nest was blown out of the tulip popular. It landed in the mulch where the hedge used to be. Don’t know what bird built it. There was a fresh blade of grass in it so it might have been occupied.

Day 66

This is Gallant, one of our cats. We often find him sprawled out hugging the water dish, like a drunk guarding his beer. Found real funny (am on st Patricks day.

Day 45

This is Kai one of our dogs. He’s a clumsy lab.

Day 017 Feed me

The cats will let you know when its time to eat.