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Day 169

A lady bug in the Mimosa tree.

Day 155

Yesterday’s selection was loud and rocking, today’s is quite and peaceful.BuyThisImage!

Day 152

It rained this morning but the skies finally cleared. I found this water lily at a park.

Day 147

This is another view of the fallen tree from earlier in the week. The tree was already split. I just pulled the section apart and shot downward in to it. I’ll document the tree throughly for future projects. Any one want prints of the interior of a tree? here’s the place. BuyThisImage!

Day 140

One of the many mushrooms in the yard.

Day 123

It was finally dry enough to mow the lawn today. This mushroom has popped up in the last few days and has not been trampled by the dogs. I am also a third of the way through this 365 project.

Day 110

April Shower bring April Flowers. The roses have bloomed. And it’s not even May yet. They don’t last long but are pretty while they last.

Day 108

Flowers from the mailbox planter.

Day 99

This is the honey suckle vine in our yard. If you ever want to make wind start on a calm day try to do a macro shot of a plant. I’ll see if I can remember that next time it gets hot at faire.

Day 92

These vines are growing on an office building in Nashville.