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Day 99

This is the honey suckle vine in our yard. If you ever want to make wind start on a calm day try to do a macro shot of a plant. I’ll see if I can remember that next time it gets hot at faire.

Day 83

This bell was from my Grandparents house. It used to sit on their built-in book shelves. I saved it when we cleaned out their house. BuyThisImage!

Day 70

Flowers from the yard

Day 42

I found Spring. BuyThisImage!

Day 36

Happy Valentines Day. BuyThisImage!

Day 032

A couple years ago I worked with a Russian lady. She went home for Christmas and brought back these handmade shoes. BuyThisImage!

Day 028

One of the purposes of the photo a day project is to learn the different capabilities of the camera. Today is the first time I’ve used the Super Macro function. I need to make a tag or category for the various function I’m experimenting. BuyThisImage!

Day 24 Groundhog Day

Stupid groundhog saw his shadow. I’m going to get him to change his mind. Who is with me?

Day 012