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Day 118

This is a City scape using the camreas as buildings.

Day 103

So I was working out, was throwing punches so fast the bag caught fire. or a few months ago I plugged in the hot light without looking at my surrounding. Yeah which story is better? When I snapped this shot the was a pop and a wisp of some from the Flash but it seems […]

Day 83

This bell was from my Grandparents house. It used to sit on their built-in book shelves. I saved it when we cleaned out their house. BuyThisImage!

Day 36

Happy Valentines Day. BuyThisImage!

Day 032

A couple years ago I worked with a Russian lady. She went home for Christmas and brought back these handmade shoes. BuyThisImage!

Day 24 Groundhog Day

Stupid groundhog saw his shadow. I’m going to get him to change his mind. Who is with me?

Day 021

A stool waits for the next photo shoot.

Day 18 Is it Xena?

One of the area neighbor hoods is called Elysian Fields. I didn’t know that when I saw shirts that said “Someone in Elysian Fields loves you.” I thought it was funny. Should have gota shirt but didn’t. A few years later I saw this and bought it

Day 016

Day 008

The magic Christmas Cookie cutter. It’s magic is the power of not being used. Every year it gets unpacked when we decorate. It sits out all Christmas and we never use it. Then it manages to hide as we take down the decorations and it stay out for another month. BuyThisImage!