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Day 60

Another beautiful day.

Day 59

We had beautiful blue skies today.It was in the 70s today, suppose to be 82 tomorrow. And just in time fopr the weekend thirties.

Day 55

All along the interstate there are exposed rock faces. This is where they cut through the hills to make the roads. In the winter there are beautiful icicles hanging off them. II’ve been wanting to photograph then but it’s too dangerous. I found a location near a shopping center today. It’s in the 60’s so […]

Day 51

A snow fall at the AG center. I managed to get out before the snow melted or the bridge was full of footprints. BuyThisImage!

Day 43

I went to Con Nooga today. a Fandom convention. I thought todays photo would be of one of the many costumes I saw. On The way home we stopped at Point park overlooking Chattanooga. I caught this sunset. so today nature beats nerds. BuyThisImage!

Day 42

I found Spring. BuyThisImage!


We had a storm today. The tree is leaning on the power lines and the gutter. I’m waiting for NES to come by and trim it.

Day 029

Finally caught a sunset. BuyThisImage!

Day 24 Groundhog Day

Stupid groundhog saw his shadow. I’m going to get him to change his mind. Who is with me?

Day 019

It snow this morning. I snapped a pic before work. There’s only a dusting but there are some possibilities for melting ice shots tomorrow.